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Trusted Paving Company Repairing & Installing Asphalt in Anaheim

Are you a business owner who wants to make your business safer and more inviting by upgrading the parking lot? Perhaps you are responsible for hiring someone to repave old roads, or maybe you have a private drive you'd like paved. No matter your reason for needing asphalt paving in Anaheim, turn to Allied Paving. We provide a wide range of services to help you develop your driveway, parking lot or road into something beautiful and functional, including:
  • Installations and repairs
  • Grading
  • Demolition and removal
  • Skin patching and crack filling
  • Value engineering
  • Ramps and berms
  • Slurry and sealcoating
  • Speed bumps and humps
  • Petromat fabric overlays

Understand the Differences Between Asphalt & Concrete

If you have never had paving done before, you may be wondering whether asphalt or concrete is the better option. Concrete is known to last longer than asphalt does, but asphalt is more affordable if you are on a budget. Concrete is easier to maintain overall, but asphalt is easier to repair. If you are paving an area with a lot of traffic, asphalt is ready to use almost immediately. If you have time to spare, you can use concrete, which takes about seven days to be ready. Weather also matters. If temperatures remain in the same range throughout the year, concrete is a good choice, but it can crack under extreme pressure. Asphalt shrinks and expands as the temperature changes. When it comes down to it, both have advantages and disadvantages, so the best choice depends on your personal preference.

Serving Los Angeles & Orange County

If you need asphalt or concrete paving that is professional and affordable, contact Allied Paving at 714-632-7484. We serve Anaheim, Los Angeles and all of Orange County.
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